No Ordinary Lip Balm! Figs & Rouge Lip Balms – The Multi-Tasking Extraordinaire

Lemon Berry 100%  Natural

2 in 1 sounds good; but what about a product that is a multi-tasking extraordinaire? In comes the Figs & Rouge 100% Natural Lip Balm. This multi-talented balm is natural goodness for your skin in a 17ml tin. With a simple list of ingredients (Ricinus Communis Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Copernicia Cerifera Wax, Limonene, Citral, Linalool & Geraniol) and a promise of being 100% natural.

The balm is available in a variety of flavours from playful Lemon Berry to classic Aloe Mint. The vintage tins inspire a sense of nostalgia and take you back to the brands’ English roots.

The Lip Balm has a thick texture that makes it easy to work with on skin & hair and has a humectant effect that works well will all skin and hair concerns. Once applied though, it is light to wear and can be applied in concentration to areas with more severe concerns. The balm sets matte and doesn’t feel greasy. The tin is convenient to carry in your clutch and is essential for everything you may ever need in a balm.

Pomegranate  Large 100% Natural                      Wild Cherry Large 100% Natural 2

Here’s a list of 10 things you the Figs & Rouge Lip Balm can be used for:

1. Lip Balm

2. A dry Skin Remedy for Ankles, Elbows and Knees

3. For Definition – Rub a small amount between your palms and run it down the centre of your legs to make

your legs appear longer without an obvious shimmer.

4. Apply a small amount with an angled brow brush to set your brows. Go over it with a spooley brush to fix

them in place.

5. When travelling apply a thin layer on your face and lips to avoid excessive loss of moisture caused by the dry

cabin air.

6. Stray? No way! – Use a small amount of balm to set your stray hairs in place. If you have shorter hair and

want to add texture to your do, use a slightly larger amount to achieve the look.

7. For a glossy eye shadow look – We love a good smokey wet eye look, but most petroleum based jellies

smear easily. This balm gives you the look minus the grease and the mess.

8. Cracked Heel? No Big Deal! – Apply a thin film once daily for 5 days to your cracked heel (preferably at


9. Cuticle lovin’ – Apply it to the skin around your fingers and toes to nourish the nail bed.

10. Mix n’ Match Buddy – Create your own lipstick colours using a small amount of the balm as base. Mix old

lipstick colours and pigments from your previous powder makeup or pigment creams to come up with signature

shades of lippies. Since it has a thicker formula than petroleum jelly, it will glide on as a lipstick should and

stay put for longer!

With the Figs & Rouge multi-tasking lip and body balms the possibilities are endless! Available at outlets including Boots the Pharmacy,Organic Foods & Café, The Change Initiative and Make-Up Etc for only AED 30, the lip balm is a complete steal!

Try it out and let us know what you think, untill next time then!

The beauty blog ME, xoxo


Sally Hansen Introduces the all new MIRACLE GEL!

Sally Hansen MiracleGel_Option1- 43 aed

OMGel! It’s a Mani Miracle!

The Beauty Blog ME fairy god mother is back with some fabulous news yet again! Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Proves that Genius can be Bottled!! A sensation in nail colour innovation has gripped the nation. Launched on 14th October, the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel launch event at the Hilton Hotel, JBR, caused a complete colour commotion as 19 ‘gelicious’ shades of 14-day durability were unveiled.

SPRING 2014, 1553 SPRING 2014, 1553    SPRING 2014, 1553    SPRING 2014, 1553

In keeping with the playful, joyful hues in the new Miracle Gel nail line, Sally Hansen filled Pure Lounge at the Hilton Hotel with magic, fun, luck and laughter. Flipping a miracle-granting coin into a wishing fountain saw lights transform the crystal clear water to a vibrant shade from the new Miracle Gel range. Guests also received a wish bracelet to match their ‘lucky colour’ before being whisked off to enjoy a complimentary manicure in the varnish shade of their choice.

The relaxing mani experience introduced guests to the revolutionary new gel manicure system. Part lacquer, part gel manicure, Miracle Gel is the most convenient manicure ever, and is achievable in just two easy steps. Applying two coats of the Miracle Gel Colour Coat of choice is followed by applying the Miracle Gel Top Coat. The result? Chip-free confidence in nails that cure in natural light, increasing in strength day by day.

Adding another exciting aspect to the event was the photo-booth. Perfectly polished guests were invited to step into a photo booth for an instant snapshot of the event.

What  you need to know about the Miracle Gel nail color?

THE SCOOP:   The first salon-quality manicure that combines pure nail color with high techno gel…exclusively from Sally Hansen. Love the high shine, glossy look of a gel manicure but could do without the complexity of LED lights, time consuming removal, and expensive price tag? Now, Sally Hansen, the leader in nail color innovation, is making manicure history with an entirely new way of thinking about long lasting nail color. Its new, patented Miracle Gel, is the first ever part lacquer, part gel manicure system that delivers up to 14 days of lasting color and shine in just 2 easy steps. Simply apply two coats of the Miracle Gel Color Coat, followed by the Miracle Gel Top Coat, to achieve the most convenient manicure, ever.


THE TECHNOLOGY:   The Miracle Gel manicure contains patented Tube Technology. This allows a higher level of actives and continuous care ingredients to release into the gel lacquer film, prolonging the integrity of the film resulting in beautifully durable, shiny nails. The advanced Color Coat and Top Coat formulas contain an oligomer, and the Top Coat also contains a photoinitiator. The photoinitiator in the Top Coat formula reticulates with the oligomer contained in the Color Coat, thus curing the formula without the need of an LED/UV light. As the manicure cures over time, it becomes more durable due to the increased hardness of the film. So LED/UV lamp curing is not necessary, only natural light. Then, when you’re ready to change up your look. Miracle Gel comes off easily with both acetone-based and acetone-free nail polish remover – no soaking, wrapping, scraping, or filing necessary.

THE COLORS:    Available in 47 new and of-the-moment shades, cutting-edge Miracle Gel gives you a whole new way to think about color. Today’s color trends don’t follow rules, they make their own. Day or night, summer or winter, the hottest nail looks defy boundaries and capture timeless beauty with a playful, joyful confidence. So go ahead and embrace the pleasure of Miracle Gel’s color palette that complements all skin tones with fresh color categories.

SPRING 2014, 1553    SPRING 2014, 1553        SPRING 2014, 1553

HOW TO USE:    Shake gently and apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel color. Activate curing with Miracle Gel Top Coat. No base coat needed.

 AVAILABILITY & PRICE:    Available starting November at Faces and Lifestyle stores, Price is 43 Aed for Miracle Lacquer, 45 for Top Coat and 70 Aed for Duo Pack (Nail Lacquer and Top Coat)

Hope you love this new beauty fix as much as I did. Comment below to let us know your experiences with the new Miracle Gel!

Until next time then lovelies…

– The Beauty Blog ME xx…

Fashion Forward Season 4 Highlights

Fashion-Forward-Season-4The regions most definitive fashion platform took Dubai by storm last weekend with runway shows, fashion talks and workshops being held by fashion’s leading lights. Fashion Forward has already held three successful seasons, showcasing the work of Middle East designers and bringing together over 45,000 members of the fashion world. The 3 Day soiree bought together several leading designers offering consumers in the Middle East an up close and personal way to connect with their beloved labels.

Read on to know what The Beauty Blog Me thought of some of the on-the ramp renditions this season!

Dima Ayad 

Dima Ayad stole the show with her display of fabulous ready to wear outfits. For her Spring Summer 2015 collection, Ayad offers a range of options and garments that come in a variety of clean and feminine cuts, the key being simplicity. Her range includes a combination of gazar organza, jacquard and jersey in fresh block colours including sunny yellow, lilac, silver, navy blue, and hints of nude undertones. The silhouettes are a combination of classics re-engineered, voluminous skirts with matching fitted tops and of course her signature crop top re-introduced in this collection with a twist

247068480,48891842949F37CF637                   247064951,01C93DFC6C64B8F0B79

Amato By Furne One

Fabulous as always Amato’s line up was a complete show stopper. Leaving the crowd ooooing and aaahing Amato truly lived by his well earned reputation. The inspiration behind this collection comes from a space odyssey, neo classic imagery, cloning and sci- fi movies but also from love stories. It is like a waltz in space.The colour palette is mainly white, with various textures such as lace, tulle, linens, ribbons and ceramics creating an effect that is futuristic and minimal yet romantic and intricate at the same time.


Taller Marmo

Bold, beautiful and Daring, for Spring Summer 2015, Taller Marmo combines influences of the oriental West with occidental influences from the East. This Season, Riccardo Audisio & Yago Goicoechea, introduced sleek silhouettes within the collection, adding a 1970’s touch and incorporating early 1900’s ornamented detailing.The collection, predominantly composed of body conscious evening dresses was intended to bring about a resort lifestyle feel, consisting of cocktail dresses, kaftans and swimsuits.Taller Marmo’s SS15 dresses come in a variety of different lengths to symbolize the sunrise, the morning, the afternoon, the sunset and the night on the dunes of the desert, an indication of exoticness. The intarsia techniques were employed by sewing together the sun and the half-moon with the rest of the dress to bring about a special and refined finishing.

246917007,CE5746F06519D4291C8Michael Cinco

Two Words- Absolute love. I do not need to say anything more, the pictures speak for themselves. Have a Look!



246893053,00CBB39CBDD86E17748That’s all from me lovelies, comment below and let us know what you thought were some of the Hit’s and Misses of this years Fashion Forward season!

Until next time xx….

– The Beauty Blog ME

Product Review: FOREO Luna Mini



Introducing a new innovation in skin care technology, the recently launched Foreo Luna Mini comes along with just ‘ THE’ answer to all your skin care problems.

Bringing forth an exciting new way to care for your skin, FOREO’s premium range of LUNA™ skincare devices will give you an instantly radiant, healthier-looking complexion. We’ve been cleaning our faces the same way for centuries – now it’s time to make the change!

Getting Beautiful Skin Just Got Easier

Not only is the LUNA™ mini a seriously stylish device, it also delivers on its promises. Just 1 minute’s use morning and night will leave the skin looking naturally beautiful with a healthy-looking glow, while dirt, oil and makeup residue are driven away. Simply apply your cleanser of choice, wet the LUNA™ mini, turn it on and cleanse your way to clearer and cleaner skin.

Beautiful Skin Anytime, Anywhere

With its smart, compact design, the LUNA™ mini is fully rechargeable for up to 300 beauty treatments per USB charge, so it’s perfect to take on the go. It’s also completely waterproof which means you can use it in the shower, plus there’s no need for any replacement brush heads. With a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee, there’s every reason to invest in your skin!

Deep Cleansing Never Felt This Good

Forget booking appointments for facials, you can have your mini facial right in the comfort fo your own home. Nonporous, the LUNA™ mini keeps bacteria buildup away for a far more hygienic cleansing surface than standard sonic brushes. Each one of the LUNA™ mini’s 1,300 nonabrasive touch-points are coated with smooth silicone for cleansing that feels so good, it’s like getting a mini-facial. These touch-points are specially configured into 3 zones – so whatever your skin type, the LUNA™ mini has the answer

Some of the many AMAZING BENEFITS:

  • Clearer, brighter and healthier-looking skin
  • New way of cleansing that is deep, yet gentle
  • Skin is freed of dirt, oil and makeup residue
  • Pores are cleansed of blemish-causing impurities

Color Range:

The Luna Mini is available in 5 attractive colors that are bound to win the hearts of beauty lovers around the globe. My personal favorite is the Mini Magenta, but then again I am a sucker for anything pink 😉 Small in size, yet big on results thats the Luna Mini for you ! You can get this one of a kind skin care device at all Harvey Nicholas stores across Dubai

iconLUNA Mini Petal Pink
iconLUNA Mini Turquoise Blue
iconLUNA Mini Magenta
iconLUNA Mini Purple
iconLUNA Mini Cool Gray


Comment below and let us know your experiences with the Luna Mini.
Hope you enjoyed reading the review as much as I did reviewing and writing it, until next time then beauty lovers 😉

Fa introduces Fabulous Floral Scents

faHello lovelies, Last week I had the privilege of attending the fabulous Fa scents launch. It was an absolutely delightful morning organized by some of the lovely ladies at Fa. The event was held at a quaint cafe by the name of Urban Bistro in media city. It was everything you look for at a product launch kind of event. From the food, to the set up and of-course the Fabulous company made it all the more worthwhile.

The event was held to launch Fa’s new line of floaral scents. inclusive of deo’s and roll on’s right in time for Summer. Read on to know more about the product
range and its scintillating offerings.

Discover summer’s new floral fabulous scents from Fa. Feminine and elegant, fresh yet sensuous, and always uplifting, floral scents are simply timeless, and the secret to feeling Fantastic this summer!

From the irresistible blend of subtly intoxicating orchids and sweet powdery, woody violas; to the unexpected fusion of crisp red poppies, bursting with brightness and cheerfulness, and the soft, dewy sweetness of bluebells, the new Fa Floral Protect presents a collection of carefully-crafted, irresistible floral scents that you’ll love to wear all summer long!

Though delicately scented, the new Fa Floral Protect range benefits from a cutting-edge fragrance activation technology, so that you can count on 48-hour protection against pesky problems such as perspiration or body odor, most women struggle with in this region, especially in the sweltering heat of summer. !

Whilst the scent in regular deodorant sprays and roll-ons fades rather quickly on the skin after application, the new fragrance activation technology in the Fa Floral Protect captures the scent in tiny particles and ensures that the fragrance molecules adhere to the skin.

The result is a long-lasting fragrance that makes you feel protected, confident and fabulous. What’s more, you can now say good bye to embarrassing white marks or stains on your clothes after application (Now we finally have some respite, whewww!!). Floral Protect uses Fa’s latest anti-stain technology, a new patent-pending formula that replaces the powder base used in the conventional anti-perspirant with a liquid emulsion formula. A first in the market!

With its distinctly bright, sweet and fruity notes, optimistic tone and 48 hours of floral fabulous protection, the Fa Floral Protect range is the perfect scent for the summer days and nights ahead!

Here are some images from the Fa-bulous Floral Fa event, Enjoy !!

:photo 5 photo 3 photo 2

photo 4                      photo 1

Product information:

Fa Floral Protect Poppy & Bluebell Deo Spray AED 10.95 (150ml) and AED 13.95 (200ml)

Fa Floral Protect Poppy & Bluebell Roll-On AED 9.95

Fa Floral Protect Orchid & Viola Deo Spray AED 10.95 (150ml) and AED 13.95 (200ml)

Fa Floral Protect Orchid & Viola Roll-on AED 9.95

LUSH – At a Glance – The beauty blog me Review


Hello Lovely ladies, The beauty blog me has taken out the time to review products from LUSH cosmetics for all you sweethearts out there. Read on to find out what makes LUSH so yummy-luscious.

LUSH Cosmetics brings to consumers a truly unique concept of a 100% hand made products containing all natural ingredients only. Inventing their own products and fragrances; LUSH makes them fresh by hand using little or no preservative or packaging. Using only vegetarian ingredients In an era where our skin has become so accustomed to chemicals being poured upon it, LUSH cosmetics comes along with a fresh change.

I had my first taste of luscious LUSH products last week. As I made my way into the store, i was completely enchanted by the aroma of the store. It almost felt like I  never wanted to leave, which I did not, I spent a lot of time in the store checking out every single range that they offered, sampled quite a few  and finally decided on my purchase for the day.

The employee attending me,a  young lady was absolutely personable, honest, and clearly enthusiastic about what she was selling. Ask them about a product, and they’ll be glad to do a mini-demonstration and give you a sample or two of something similar to the product you’re buying for future reference. I can also see that they’re attuned to a high level of customer service, which is a big bonus.

My LUSH gift box consisted of Argan body conditioner, Rose queen bath Ballistic, Amandopondo Bubble Bar and a Rose Jam Bubbleroon.

lush box      Rosie-360x360

The first product i used out of my LUSH gift box was the Rose queen Bath ballistic. An absolute delight, the Baliistic instantly melted under water and gave off a strong rosy scent throughout the flowing water. also having calming and soothing properties, The Ballistic helped me relax and unwind from a long day’s work.

The Argan body conditioner too has been quite a winner for me. My skin felt as smooth as silk post the application of the conditioner. It is packed full of ingredients to feed and nourish the skin such as; argan oil, cocoa butter, cupuaçu butter, brazil nut oil, almond oil and fair trade shea butter.

Although the products are a bit pricey, however they seem long lasting, and I’m willing to shell out extra cash for quality.

I would highly recommend the Argan body conditioner, Flower bath ballistic, and Bubble Bar for your use.

Looks like I am all set to become a Hardcore Lushie and you should too!