2b – New Generation of natural Lifestyle drinks launches in UAE


The night of 29th September witnessed the launch of yet another fascinating new product in the UAE. ‘2B Active’ and ‘2B Relaxed’, two natural and refreshing fruit-flavored carbonated drinks were launched on Thursday at Armani hotel during an exclusive event along side the brand’s official ambassador and well known Bollywood celebrity Nargis Fakhri.

During the interview with the beauty blog me an excited and energetic Narghis went on to say how psyched out she is to be the face of an innovative product like 2b. ” I personally am a very health conscious person and always try and eat healthy.This multi-functional beverage fits well into my mission to promote healthy living which is why I have chosen to associate with it.”

injeel firoz-1

The unique thing about this drink is that it is an all natural healthy drink that not only gives your body the required nutrition whilst giving your immune system the necessary boost! The lightly carbonated, multi-functional fruit drinks contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and no added sugar, 2B is a great way to help meet daily nutritional needs.

What I though of the 2 drinks:

2b Chill – An innovative chill-out drink with natural ingredients designed to promote a calm, relaxed and healthy lifestyle. Tangy yet sweet, this drink is created using extracts of hops and lemon balm, topped off with honey and a fruit mix made up pomegranate, banana, apricot, cranberry as well as the amino acid L-Tryptophan. 3/5

2b Thrill – This drink tasted slightly better than 2b chill to me. It contains amino acid L-Arginine, that is commonly sold as a health supplement to improve vascular health. The drink is also loaded with nutrients including maca, ginseng, royal jelly and an energizing mixture of apple, grape, mango, passion fruit and guava. 4/5


Quite different from anything we currently have in the market the all new 2b drinks are the first of its kind healthy energy drinks that actually taste great too. Carry it with you to the gym, sip it on the beach or even have it at work to give yourself the kick you so need! I would definitely recommend you guys to try out this new fun n functional fruit drink with a twist!


Where can you get it?

The drink is available at all convenience stores throughout the U.A.E including Al Maya, Choithrams, Al Safeer, Lifco, All day Minimart, E-mart, F-mart, Istanbul, Emarat, Abu Dhabi Co-op Society , and soon will be available in Spinneys, Geant, Union Co-op Society.Waitrose, Cinemas and all major vending machines across UAE.

It will also be available soon at all major Hotels, Clubs, Bars, Fitness outlets and Spa’s across the country.

About the Drink:

Packaged in a chic 250ml can, 2B is a tasty natural alternative that is designed to resonate with consumers who want an energy boost 2B active or 2B relaxed. The drinks were developed by Dr.Armin Breinl, member of the Austrian Anti-Aging Society, with a new formulation that features natural ingredients to promote health and well-being.

If you happen to try it out then comment below and let me know what you think. Until next time then, stay you, stay beautiful!

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