Fa introduces Fabulous Floral Scents

faHello lovelies, Last week I had the privilege of attending the fabulous Fa scents launch. It was an absolutely delightful morning organized by some of the lovely ladies at Fa. The event was held at a quaint cafe by the name of Urban Bistro in media city. It was everything you look for at a product launch kind of event. From the food, to the set up and of-course the Fabulous company made it all the more worthwhile.

The event was held to launch Fa’s new line of floaral scents. inclusive of deo’s and roll on’s right in time for Summer. Read on to know more about the product
range and its scintillating offerings.

Discover summer’s new floral fabulous scents from Fa. Feminine and elegant, fresh yet sensuous, and always uplifting, floral scents are simply timeless, and the secret to feeling Fantastic this summer!

From the irresistible blend of subtly intoxicating orchids and sweet powdery, woody violas; to the unexpected fusion of crisp red poppies, bursting with brightness and cheerfulness, and the soft, dewy sweetness of bluebells, the new Fa Floral Protect presents a collection of carefully-crafted, irresistible floral scents that you’ll love to wear all summer long!

Though delicately scented, the new Fa Floral Protect range benefits from a cutting-edge fragrance activation technology, so that you can count on 48-hour protection against pesky problems such as perspiration or body odor, most women struggle with in this region, especially in the sweltering heat of summer. !

Whilst the scent in regular deodorant sprays and roll-ons fades rather quickly on the skin after application, the new fragrance activation technology in the Fa Floral Protect captures the scent in tiny particles and ensures that the fragrance molecules adhere to the skin.

The result is a long-lasting fragrance that makes you feel protected, confident and fabulous. What’s more, you can now say good bye to embarrassing white marks or stains on your clothes after application (Now we finally have some respite, whewww!!). Floral Protect uses Fa’s latest anti-stain technology, a new patent-pending formula that replaces the powder base used in the conventional anti-perspirant with a liquid emulsion formula. A first in the market!

With its distinctly bright, sweet and fruity notes, optimistic tone and 48 hours of floral fabulous protection, the Fa Floral Protect range is the perfect scent for the summer days and nights ahead!

Here are some images from the Fa-bulous Floral Fa event, Enjoy !!

:photo 5 photo 3 photo 2

photo 4                      photo 1

Product information:

Fa Floral Protect Poppy & Bluebell Deo Spray AED 10.95 (150ml) and AED 13.95 (200ml)

Fa Floral Protect Poppy & Bluebell Roll-On AED 9.95

Fa Floral Protect Orchid & Viola Deo Spray AED 10.95 (150ml) and AED 13.95 (200ml)

Fa Floral Protect Orchid & Viola Roll-on AED 9.95


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