The Know – How’s of Night Creams


Hello fellow beauty lovers,

For those of you who have regularly been following The beauty blog me page would know that we have previously covered the topic of Day creams in the blog. LInk –

Moving on from our day light delights,  let us now discoverer the importance of adding a night cream to your daily skincare regime. A question I often find women asking themselves is Do I really need a Night Cream?. We have got the answer for you! Read on to discover the know-how’s of night creams.

If you think that night creams are just a way for companies to sell you another product then you are in for a surprise. Some of you may be amazed to learn that there can be a good reason to use a different face cream at night.  Going to bed with night cream on your face can majorly benefit your skin while you sleep

Most of us are aware that our skin is being bombarded with plenty of negative ions and free radicals all day long. All this stresses our skin and causes sensitivity, which leads to premature aging. Some of you might think that you can probably get away by applying your day cream at night. Before you make that choice, it is vital to understand the advantages a night cream would provide when used alongside a day cream. Read on to learn the benefits of using a night cream.

Contains higher level of active ingredients

Night creams are thicker in comparison to their day counterparts – designed to penetrate deep inside the skin and moisturise it. They are heavy on ingredients like retinol glycolic acid, salicylic acid and retinyl acetate, which provide significant aging benefits. These ingredients help your skin to increase turnover and diminish the appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

A tip from us would be to pick a cream that includes retinoid. Retinoid products help your skin retain collagen, which is lost as we age. More collagen in your skin means fewer wrinkles and dark spots.

It is best recommended to wear these ingredients at night as most people experience irritation from UV exposure when wearing during the day. Moreover, retinoid effects can be weakened by sunlight.

Designed to support your skin through rest and repair mode

A day cream is designed to support our skin when it’s in protection mode. It is filled antioxidants, peptides and usually a high SPF to fight against all the environmental aggressors.

On the other hand, a night cream supports the skin when it switches into rest and repair mode. It contains ingredients that aid in the regeneration process, like ceramides, which trigger collagen production, and vitamins A, C, E or B5 that help skin function optimally. These elements also help remove all the dull and dead skin when we are asleep.

 Deep nourishing and restoration

Night creams contain higher levels of emollients and so are more moisturizing than their daytime counterparts.  Our skin is in need of extra moisture at night as the trans epidermal water loss is greatest at night. For those of you who have dry skin or feel their skin is drier at home should strongly consider applying it before going to bed to prevent any kind of dehydration.

The Beauty Blog me recommends the following products for your night pampering:

1)       Murad Age-Balancing Night Cream

This cream delivers anti-aging benefits and is suitable for all skin types. It’s the right choice for anyone who wants to wake up to find a soft and supple skin.



2)       Derma e Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

This cream is packed with hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid which delivers into the deepest layers of the skin to provide an intense hydration boost. It also contains a blend of antioxidants and vitamins to reduce wrinkles and increase the skin’s elasticity for firmer, bouncier skin. Suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin and also includes Aloe Vera, which is a natural skin healer.



3)       Exuviance Night Renewal HydraGel

A light, non-comedogenic cream ideal for those with oily skin. It is packed with alpha hydroxy acids and poly hydroxy acids, which help control oil production, reduce pore size and dark spots.


Hope that helps ladies, if you use any other night cream /lotions that has benefited you, then comment below to let us know !! Until next time then, be bold, be beautiful, be you !!!



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