The Beauty Blog Me – and it begins


Hello to you reader, Allow me to introduce myself. I am 20 –something girl passionately in love with all things pretty, perky, pink and girly. For me the blogging journey began 2 years back when I began writing for a beauty and skincare website. Initially it started off as making some extra money while at university, however that later transitioned into a deep rooted passion for learning, discovering and writing. I began writing blogs on several different topics, from hair care, skincare and skin problems to product reviews, product ingredients and so much. As I kept writing on, I learnt SO much about skin care and associated topics that I began to feel like an expert. Though I’m not a certified anything in the medical field, in fact I am a public relations executive by profession, I gained a deep and insightful understanding of the know how’s of beauty and skin care.

Taking another step into the journey ahead, I have bought into a being my very own baby ‘The beauty blog me’. A platform through which I aim to share everything that I have learnt in the last few years about being beautiful skin deep. Living in a city like Dubai with its constantly changing weather we are all faced with our share of skin issues.  The Beauty Blog me will help you deal with almost everything. From identifying the problem to giving you the solutions and recommending the best products in town, the beauty blog me is one to watch out for.

Follow, share, comment, and spread the word, the journey has just begun!


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