The Beauty Blog Me – Safe Tanning with Sun care


Hello Ladies, while for some of us the best weather of the year is now ending. However for beach lovers, the next few months in the UAE bring along a strong sun. With its central location being in the middle of the equator, the city can have one of the hottest summers in the world, with temperatures going up to 50 degrees C during peak hours.

For most of us, getting a tan remains desirable, boosting our confidence and eliciting compliments. With beautiful beaches at our disposal, the UAE can seem like the perfect place to attain a perfect bronzed look, but it’s important to consider that sunbathing does not come without baggage. Overexposure to a very strong sun can lead to a lot of negative side effects.

If you do choose to pursue some color, we’re here to help you protect yourself from these side effects. First of all, let’s start with some basics. The higher the SPF in sunscreens, the more the protection. Different skin types require different levels of protection, depending on how fast they burn.  One should also be aware of the fact that sunscreens and sunblocks have essentially different meanings and uses. Available in lotion, oil and cream form, sunscreens have an SPF rating. When applied they react with the sun and create a barrier between the skin and the sun rays. A sun block on the other hand has no SPF rating and blocks UV rays completely.

Here are some pointers for ensuring your glow is a healthy one:

  • The skin on your face is the most sensitive skin on your body and the area most susceptible to the development of wrinkles. Remove all traces of makeup creams and perfume liquids. These products make skin more open to sunburn.
  • Apply sunscreen with an SPF designed for your skin type before you go out in the sun, ensuring you do not leave any areas uncovered.
  • If you have sensitive skin, use a hypoallergenic sun care product
  • It is advisable to stay out of the sun between the hours of 12pm to 3pm, as the intensity of the sun is at its peak at these hours.
  • While going for a swim, or playing water sports, use a waterproof formula.
  • Don’t forget to apply sun block to your lips! Lips can easily burn or dry out if exposed to a very strong sun for long.
  • Make sure to reapply your sunscreen regularly for it to work properly.

Take care with tanning- your future skin will thank you!

I strongly recommend you carry the following products in your beach bags on your way out:

Oil free Sunscreen SPF 40 by Glo.Therapeautics


Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30 by Murad


Solar Skin Shield SPF 30 High by REVIDERM 



Safe tanning ladies 😉


Ingredient Guide – Caffeine


Hello Lovelies! I don’t know if you guys have heard, but Caffeine is the hot new ingredient in the skincare industry.  You may rely on your morning cup of Coffee to perk up your mood, but now you can also rely on it to perk up your skin! Sounds great, doesn’t it ?

The caffeine in coffee has a number of benefits for your skin, from treating redness and inflammation, to reducing the appearance of under-eye circles and getting rid of cellulite. By incorporating caffeine into your skin care routine, you can reveal evenly toned, smooth skin all over your body.

Over the past decade, scientists have concluded that caffeine carries enormous antioxidant benefits. Recently Caffeine has gained popularity as an ingredient in skin care products. The Beauty Blog Me will help you discover some of the benefits that come along with making use of such products.

Reduces Inflammation

 Caffeine has potent anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for reducing inflammation and redness in your skin. Adding caffeine to anti-inflammatory creams significantly increased their effectiveness. Overall, use of skin care products containing caffeine will reduce and prevent inflammation and redness, leaving you with a beautiful, even skin tone.

Helps Get Rid of Under-Eye Circles

Dark under-eye circles can be caused by a number of factors, including dehydration, allergies, lack of sleep or genetics. Although caffeine cannot completely erase hereditary dark circles, applying creams containing caffeine under your eyes will reduce the puffiness and inflammation associated with dark circles. Additionally, caffeine reduces the build-up of blood under your eyes which contributes to dark shadows. Several eye creams contain caffeine, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Gets Rid of Cellulite

Caffeine can also reduce the appearance of cellulite. The application of skin cream containing caffeine to cellulite reduces the size of cellulite fat cells. A number of anti-cellulite creams have been developed to reduce the appearance of cellulite, additionally you can also take advantage of the power of caffeine by adding ground or instant coffee to your regular body scrub at home.

So keep those caffeinated eyes peeled for caffeine in your skincare finds. Here are some of our favorite picks of Caffeine products available on the website:-

Eye Total Care by Helionature


This complete care especially formulated for the sensitive and fragile area of the eye contours is perfume-free to restrict the risk of allergy, rapidly penetrates and improves the eye area, fighting wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

Inch Loss Body Gel by LPG Soins Techniques


Refine your figure by losing volume in the upper body and abdominal area. The Lipo Slim Gel is a targeted treatment for releasing fat and is formulated to burn fat both day and night.

Complete Care Acne Prone Skin by Viderm


This formula provides exfoliation and pigment control, while infusing the skin with powerful antioxidants for cell regeneration and protection. Active ingredients include glycolic and azelaic acid, Vitamin C, retinol, green tea and coffee berry extract.

Comment below to let us know how your experience has been with Caffeine ! Good Luck (:

The GlamBox Review – March


Hello Glamistas. Let me welcome you to my first ever GlamBox review.

For those of you who might have heard about it but need a refresher, here you go. GlamBox is a monthly beauty subscription service where in each month; subscribers receive a gorgeous pink box with 5-6 beauty samples from several leading and upcoming brands. Some boxes even have invitations to in-store events or spa vouchers for you’ll to try out. Furthermore, you can buy many of the products from their website and earn points/freebies on surveys of the products you get.

I received my first GlamBox in March 2014, it was a quite a treat I must say. Just the way it was all wrapped up was so very enticing to look at. The GlamBox for me personally has been a great way to try out new products without having to indulge in a full-sized product that I may or may not like. My apologies for the slightly delayed review, however it is because, I wanted to try out each and every product, experience the results and then write about it for all your guys to have a clear idea of how well they work.

While the GlamBox usually has products from a range of brands, the March GlamBox was an exclusive Benefit branded box. My March GlamBox goodness consisted of the following miniature products


1)     Total Moisture Facial Cream

2)     The POREfessional Pro balm

3)     They’re Real Beyond Mascara (Yuppieeeee!!!!)

4)     Cha Cha Tint Lip gloss

5)     Hello Flawless Brightening Make-up Lumiere

Sounds like quite the package doesn’t it? From the basic facial moisturizing cream to the final touch of red hint on the lips, the March GlamBox covered it all.

My personal favorite item was the Beyond Mascara. Although the brush is the size of a little finger, the results however are magnificent. It lengthened and volumised my lashes instantly transforming my entire look for the night, definitely a winner for the GlamBox!

My second favorite item was the POREfessional Pro Balm. Once again Benefit have out done themselves with this cute, yet lethal face primer. It works like a dream when used underneath the Benefit Brightening Makeup Lumiere. It instantly minimizes and reduces the look of any pores on the skin. All you need to do is dab on a few drops on to your finger tips and rub it in the face and Voila, the results will speak for themselves.

When all 5 products are teamed together you will undoubtedly acheive the look of ultimate glamour. I have personally loved and enjoyed using all 5 benefit beauty products, Wish the bottles had been a little bigger in size, but other than that – total LOVE!


Log on the website NOW and shop all the products, trust me it’s a purchase you will not regret. You could also get these products at Benefits official website

If you’re a beauty addict and looking to try out new things, GlamBox is a great concept for you to experiment with!

Skin Care Regime for Combination Skin


Do you at times feel that different areas of your face are at war with each other? Do you feel that your skin is undecided? Some days your face looks dry and tight, while other days it is shiny and greasy – and sometimes it is both dry and oily at once?It sounds to me like you have combination skin.

Combination skin can be confusing and really frustrating for people who do not understand how to properly care for it. With most advice and products geared towards either dry or oily skin, it can be confusing figuring out the right treatment. Read on to understand what causes it and how you can work your way around combination skin.

What is Combination Skin?

A combination of two or more different skin types on the face at the same time. It is when some parts of your face, such as the cheek area are dry or flaky, while the center part of your face, nose, chin, and forehead – also known as the T-zone is extra oily. Combination skin can produce overly dilated pores, blackheads and shiny skin. It can benefit from slightly different types of skin care in different areas.

What are the causes?

Causes for combination skin are different for everyone and there are a number of factors that can contribute to it.

The T-Zone has more active oil glands than other parts of the face and gets oily when sebaceous glands produce excess sebum.       A variety of factors like hormones or genetics can trigger this process, many of which cannot be controlled.

Similarly, dry skin on the face can result from factors such as the weather, genetics and age. Another common cause of combination skin can be a result of the very skin-care products being used.

Caring for Combination Skin

Taking care of your combination skin is all about balance. You need to keep your dry areas moisturized and your oily areas relatively dry. Below are the rules you need to follow to restore your normal oil and water balance while keeping your skin radiant.

Cleansing: The most basic element of any skin-care routine. Helps you remove excess dirt, pollutants and pore-clogging oil from the epidermis. Also preps the skin for effectively penetrating any subsequent products you’ll be using. Make sure to be gentle on your skin when applying.


Sunscreen: Sunscreen is your friend and must be a part of your daily skincare routine, not just when you’re going to the beach. It is the best way to prevent and stop wrinkles and other signs of aging skin. Moreover, gives protection from skin cancer.

For oily skin prone to breakouts or sensitive skin, choose physical sunscreens with only titanium dioxide or/and zinc oxide as the active ingredients


Moisturize: Dry, oily or combination, skin always needs moisture. If you choose wisely, your moisturizer can help even your skin out. Look for formulas geared to your skin type and get creative with it by applying one type of moisturizer to your dry areas and another type to your oily areas. For very dry skin, look for non–comedogenic in lotion or cream form to avoid clogging your pores.

Tips and Tricks to keep in mind:

Change with the seasons – Combination skin has the tendency to change with the weather. It’s prone to dry patches during the winter and breakouts and shine during the summer. Keep an eye on any changes in your complexion and switch up your beauty regime accordingly.

I recommend the following products for people having Combination Skin:

1)      Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Crème

A creamy and alcohol–free cleanser for those who have very dry or sensitive skin.


2)      Janmarini C-ESTA Cleansing Gel

An oily epidermis can benefit from an acidic cleanser. It contains alpha hydroxyl acids that do a better job of breaking up sebum.


3)      Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care — All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 15

A physical sunscreen, which includes titanium dioxide as one the main active ingredients. Ideal for those with oily/sensitive skin.




4)      Skin Medica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer

A clarifying moisturizer this is very effective in firming the skin and balancing oil secretions.


Hope this helps ladies, until next time then. Stay happy, stay healthy and keep glowing 😉

Lets Get Fashion Forward Ready!



It’s that time of the year again when it’s all happening in Dubai, at least as far as fashion is concerned. Fashion forward, the biggest and most definitive fashion event in the Middle East is all set to take off with all of Dubai’s glamour and glitterati in attendance. You might think you are prepared, but are you really ready to go?

With the event almost upon us, our schedules have filled up up with dress to impress events. Deciding the dress for the occasion or perhaps the make-up to go along with it is important but not before your skin has been given its share of attention. With the long week almost over, and the awaited weekend almost here it is time to begin prepping up your skin for the coming few days. After all you wouldn’t want to be caught looking tired or dreary in one of the tabloids now would you?


With a few simple tips and tricks though, you can ensure your skin looks picture perfect for the big day. Be sure to follow the skin regime for healthy looking skin that will guarantee you a party-perfect look.


Facial Care

Moisturize generously – Apply an extra dose of moisturizer prior to a party to help keep skin hydrated. Ideally use a moisturizer containing Hyaluronic prior to applying makeup to help keep skin hydrated.


Exfoliation – Exfoliate your skin 1-2 days prior to your event. This will help to achieve a flawless glow and will allow make up to be applied easier. The process of exfoliation rids the body of any dry, dull skin by removing dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. By removing these dead cells, exfoliation can help keep pores from becoming clogged leading to visibly brighter and healthier-looking skin.


Face Masks – A facial mask is a great way to give yourself a boost before a party or a special event. Using a face pack is also the easiest way to get healthy and supple skin in minutes.  Face masks help to improve the overall appearance of your skin — helping to make it look smoother and healthier


Body Care

Body treatments are essentially a facial for your whole body and leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and soft. The idea behind a body treatment is that is just as important to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin on your body as it is the skin of your face. Pamper your skin with seasonal body scrubs and polishes such as dark chocolate, coconut, almond, apricot and walnut scrubs. These skin treatments are especially created for the colder months that help in gentle skin exfoliation, followed by a thorough moisturizing process.


Dietary Considerations

Along with all the other hard work we put in for healthy looking skin let’s not forget ‘we are what we eat’. Your skin reflects how healthy your diet is. Ensure to avoid salty foods for at least two to three days prior to a party to prevent puffy eyes. Also take in at least 2 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. It goes a long way in keeping the stomach clear and the skin healthy looking.


Liquids, Liquids and more Liquids

This one has been going around for decades now, not a new tip but always works – 10-12 glasses of water, every day! In addition to cleansing your system, water aids digestion which in turn rinses the toxins off your body and skin. For better results, drink 4-5 glasses of warm water every day. Increase your water intake to keep yourself hydrated and counter the effects of alcohol and caffeine.


Here is a quick rundown of a few products that will help you quickly achieve your pre-party glow.


Skin Perfecting Lotion by Murad


The skin perfecting lotion, containing Hyaluronic acid is the ideal moisturizer to be used for a pre-party glow. It’s ultra-light, oil-free moisturizing formula minimizes pores, refines texture and soothes redness and irritation.

Rescue Mask by Eve Lom


Containing Almond and Honey-infused Kaolin Clay, it is the perfect weekly deep clean to keep your complexion in radiant condition. As the name suggests the rescue mask takes care of any blotchy, irritable break-outs, jet-lag, or morning-after puffiness.

Renew Rose body Crème


The renew rose body crème deeply moisturizes and conditions the skin. Dab on a little before the big event. If you’re looking for soft skin and a lovely lingering fragrance, indulge yourself with this soothing, conditioning cream that is suitable for all skin types.

Tranquil Touch Body Polish by Elemis


The special cupuacu butter infused with patchouli, mandarin and ginger formula gently buffs and nourishes the skin. The skin is left feeling soft, glowing and radiant.


A Handy Way to Looking Young


 Like rings in a tree trunk, lines, creases, dark spots, and bulging veins on the back of your hands are the sneaky little hints that give away your age. How to avoid that? We’ve got the answer for you.

The hands are one of the first places where we see the signs of aging, and also the area most people neglect when it comes to skin care. This happens due to several reasons, not only are they consistently exposed to sun, wind, chemicals and other elements, but we put them to work every day. In addition, the skin on the back of our hands is thinner than on the rest of our bodies, therefore being the most prone to ageing and damage.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid it all and maintain the hands youthful look. Follow these steps to keep your hands feeling soft and looking healthy.

  1. Moisturize

The skin on your hands is more apt to dryness than your face or anywhere else. To prevent chapping and to keep your hands soft, rub a thick hand cream or body butter onto your hands daily. Keep a bottle in your purse, at your work desk and at home.

  1. Exfoliate

Rub your hands with a salt scrub every once in a while to remove any dry, dead cells. The process will reveal smooth, glowing skin that makes your hands look instantly younger.

  1. Use Sunscreen

To prevent age spots and wrinkles, don’t skimp on sunscreen! Put at least SPF 30 on your hands and body before you go out in the sun. And don’t forget to reapply when needed.

  1. Stay out of Hot Water

Continuous exposure to hot water can strip your hands of natural oils and be very tough on your skin. To prevent burning and dehydration to your skin, use lukewarm water when you can, and wear gloves when you’re dealing with scalding hot water.

  1. Usage of Gloves

When the weather is cold, wearing gloves outside helps to prevent chapping of your skin. But just because winter is finally over doesn’t mean it’s time to put away all of your gloves. When you’re doing the dishes, cleaning with chemicals and detergents or working outside, it’s best to protect your hands from damage with latex or rubber gloves.

  1. Splurge on a Salon Manicure

Every once in a while, getting your cuticles cleaned up and softened professionally is worth the few extra bucks. Plus, when your nails are evened out and polished with a bright spring color, your hands will instantly look younger. The hand massage the manicurists give you is more than just relaxing—it encourages blood flow through your hands, which helps the skin glow and keep its elasticity.

  1. Treat your Hands Overnight

Pamper your hands overnight by slipping them into a pair of moisturizing gloves. These special spa gloves absorb your lotion, or already contain oils, minerals and other ingredients to nourish your hands and help them retain moisture.

Try out the below products and be on your way to smooth, silky,healthy hands.

  1. Revitalize me Hand Lotion by Elemis

This conditioning hand lotion contains rich and hydrating jojoba, gold of pleasure oil to soften and moisture skin.elmis

  1. Glamour Gloves by Bliss

Glamorous Gloves for Gorgeously Soft Hands. Slip into these and get ready for seriously silky smooth hands


  1. Hand Crème = SPF 10 by Eve Lom

Moisturizes, hydrates, brightens and refines the hands for a more youthful appearance



Your Hair Care Solutions

“My hair is so dry”, “I am going to be bald by the time I turn 30”. It isn’t very rare to come across people complaining about their hair problems. We have all been had our fair share of bad hair days, however for residents in the UAE these days seem to arrive quite often. Hair loss, dandruff, dull color and dryness are some of the issues faced by a huge part of the population. Several people complain that the health of their hair has deteriorated when they moved to the UAE.

Hair loss is absolutely normal .A person will lose between 50 to 100 hairs daily, an everyday procedure that occurs because 90% of an individual’s hair is in the growth phase and 10% is in the shedding phase at any given time. However, any significant change that alters the normal growth cycle of hair, or permanently damages the roots of the hair (the follicles), can result in excessive hair loss of over 100 hairs a day.

The weather is definitely an aggravating factor. Due to the hot and humid weather most of us shampoo our hair every day; this in turn strips the scalp of its natural oils and causes dehydrated, brittle hair. Sun, chlorine and air conditioning are all agents that further cause drying of the hair. Also heat and humidity can make hair look frizzy. In the heat, the cuticle tends not to lie as flat as it should, so it doesn’t reflect the light as effectively.

Hair loss, frizzy locks and dull color are problems for many here, and the most obvious culprit is the desalinated water. The water we use here is hard (which means soap won’t lather properly in it). Experts say the high levels of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, nitrate, potassium and sodium can lead to hair loss and skin allergies.

It’s not enough to just have a stylish hairdo or get your hair color regularly touched up – if your hair isn’t healthy, it’s bound to cause a huge dent in your fabulous factor. The problem is, most of us struggle with hair issues that just refuse to go away. If you’re tired of trying everything but still struggling with dull hair, don’t worry, we will help you get that healthy, shiny mane back in no time.

My personal recommendations would be the following products for your use, I have personally benefited from the Hair repair solution by SACHAJUAN. If it worked for me, it will for you too. Try out the other products as well. Comment below and share your experiences with bad hair days.

1) Volume infusion lift enhancing Shampoo by Gio-Essentials. Ideal for people who are struggling with the issue of hair thinning.

2) Hair repair by SACHAJUAN is just what you need to repair the look and feel of dry, damaged hair.

3) White truffle Nourishing & Conditioning Crème by Phillip B provides deep repair to damaged, processed, dry, porous hair.

4)) Keratin Hair mask by Brazillis is a miracle conditioning treatment which forms a thick velvet layer that diffuses deep into each hair strand acting as a protective barrier against daily aggression, restoring softness, shine and enhancing hair elasticity